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Yo La La ! would not have happened without the following:

- Amber Steele, from the http://www.LivingDeadGirlz.com

- Catherine Foster, of Clan Toreador. Thanks for your generous donation!

- http://www.coverville.com , the first podcast I ever listened to -and I still do.

- http://audacity.sourceforge.net , free audio software that the complete newbie that I am could understand

- http://www.pmwiki.org , free wiki engine, for the same reason as above.

- http://www.podblaster.net , francophone podcasting portal for listing me even though I neither asked for it nor actually speak French on the show :)

- http://www.podcaststyle.com/ an anglophone podcast directory kindly listing Yo La La!

- Mark Hunter, from the UK. Thanks for your generous donation!

- http://www.GFKPoker.com

Thanks for the link!

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