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Advisory: Due to some recent emails I need to specify that I am neither a record company nor a journalist. I'm just a guy who produces a low-tech podcast to help Anglophones discover French rap. I am not making any money off of it. I am not trying to be exhaustive or "fair & balanced". I'm only giving personal opinions, and trying to share what I like. Thank you.

Thomas, I know you and your English isn't that bad... what's with the accent?
I was reminded that Anglophones love it when French people butcher their language. They think it sounds sexy or funny or gay but in any case interesting. See what I'll do to please my audience? Plus I was a big fan the show "Eurotrash", hosted in heavily-accented English by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes, so think of it as a tribute to this two great Frenchies.

OK, where are the graffitti fonts and black guys in sports clothes? This site doesn't look hip-hop at all!
I am a big fan of Paris, subways, art nouveau and hip-hop, so I figured mixing it all up would be nice. Or at least original.

Why don't you play more MC Solaar? I thought he was the #1 French rapper
The Yo La La ! track listing is determined by:

  • my personal taste -and I don't like Solaar at all. I find the lack of meaningful content in his songs disturbing. Easy puns and rhymes taken from a rhyme dictionary don't make anyone #1 in my book
  • the importance of a track or an artist in the French hip-hop scene. Solaar is irrelevent to the current hip-hop scene. He's a pop act, and as such should be played in a French pop show, not here.

Solaar became famous because his lyrics were free of curses and full of poetical structures straight out of French textbooks. Teachers could use his lyrics to explain what an oxymoron or an alliteration was. Furthermore, he enunciates pretty well so he makes a great resource for French teachers abroad too. This show is not a French lesson, otherwise I'd be doing it in French.

Where did all the artists' pages and lyrics go? Weren't you supposed to do them every show?
These do take some time and no one ever complained about not having new ones, so I guess writing those should not be one of my top priorities.

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