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ATK is a band from the east of Paris. It originally started as a 21-rapper possee and shrank down to 7 members for obvious practical reasons.

ATK was composed of 3 MC duos and DJ Tacteel, who left to join TTC.

"Legadulabo" (the lab guys as in a Columbo episode) is composed of Cyanure (super fast flow, high-pitch voice) and Freko Ding (crazy flow, low voice, most people wrongly assumed he was black).

The other rappers have more traditional flows.

"Apocalypse" is composed of Axis (who produces the music) and AntilopSA. AntilopSA eventually got signed and left the band.

"Maximum de phases" is composed of Test and Fredy.K. Fredy.K kept the band in record stores by releasing the Oxygene compilations. He died on November 7. 2007 in a motorcycle accident.

What I like about them

I went to elementary school with Axis. They're local guys from my neighborhood in Paris. Freko and Cyanure have amazing flows. They always stayed true to hip-hop and never sold out.

What I don't like about them

Piano-violin loops get tiring after a while.


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